References | Recent movie productions by BEEFTEA group

Please find below some recent movie references

Coca-Cola "" Webinars

A Coca-Cola webinar project about “Best practice” of bar and restaurant owners during lockdown times.

Please finde more at:

Coca-Cola "Development"

An emotional movie of the HR devision at a (live) 2.000 pers. Kick-Off of Coca-Cola in Jan 2020, which we managed in total.


AURELIUS Invest - Keynotes

Several productions for a digital internal partner event in November 2020.


(Example shows not the movie - just still picture)

German Trade & Invest | Federal German Ministry for Economics


Welcome speech of the digital Japan-German Industry Forum


Live stream with Japanese interpretation

Shell Oil Germany​ - Partner meeting Intro


Special wide-screen animation as intro trailer at a large Partner Meeting (1.800 pers.)

Shell Oil Germany​ - Security announcement


Security announcement prior to live event on wide-screen animation.

Aurelius Invest - "Office Tour"​ 

As intro movie, Aurelius introduced their HQ with all responsible heads at the Europe wide Partner Meeting.

Coca-Cola - "Making of"​ 

An 18 hours production between setup and start of a digital conference at Coke HQ in Berlin, Germany.

IPS Pressevertrieb - Conference Opening

Intro trailer to an innovative meeting format of the leading international media conference IMC 2021, featuring the founder and the CEO of IPS.